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It is time to meet Epik Software Alacak Yƶnetim Sistemi (AYS) (Epik Technology Receivables Management System) for your company's Bad Receivables Management; making traceable the Risk Monitoring and Legal Proceedings processes; management of the in-house counselors and contracted law offices or the ones from outside the company; and a very detailed Risk Monitoring Reporting.

Epik Software produces rapid solutions to increase the capability of the companies to trace and collect their receivables; to minimize the operational risks to which they are exposed by means of software technologies; to reveal the loan and receivables risks by using the business intelligence and advanced software tools...

The two industry leading banks have preferred Epik Software in loan tracking and used Receivables Management System (AYS). There are 850 law offices providing service for the companies in Receivable tracking and Legal Tracing issues using Receivable Management System (AYS).

Epik Software Receivables Management System (AYS) creates low-cost and high value-added business opportunities through web-based software technology it has developed within GOSB Teknopark.

  • If you seek solutions for your over-due receivables.
  • If the time is important to you and you would like to achieve quickly your objective.
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